TNC Driver definition

TNC Driver means an individual who uses a personal vehicle to provide transportation services arranged through a TNC’s digital network.
TNC Driver means an individual who uses or permits his or her TNC personal vehicle to provide TNC services. A TNC driver need not be a TNC employee.

Examples of TNC Driver in a sentence

  • However, CITY will notify GRESHAM immediately when a TNC Driver failed to comply with any regulations established by GRESHAM or CITY and a permit suspension is recommended.

More Definitions of TNC Driver

TNC Driver means an affiliated driver as defined in The Vehicles For Hire Regulations;
TNC Driver means a covered person who:
TNC Driver or “driver” means an individual who operates a motor vehicle that is:
TNC Driver means an individual who has been approved by a TNC to use a TNC Vehicle to transport passengers whose rides are arranged through the TNC's online- enabled application, at any time the driver is on the Airport by reason of the TNC Driver's relationship with the TNC, regardless of whether the Vehicle is carrying an Airport Customer.
TNC Driver means an individual who:
TNC Driver means any individual operating a PFHT vehicle who connects with passengers through an Internet−based digital or software platform/application operated by an affiliated TNC.