TNC Driver definition

TNC Driver means an individual who uses or permits his or her TNC personal vehicle to provide TNC services. A TNC driver need not be a TNC employee.

Examples of TNC Driver in a sentence

  • At no time shall any TNC Vehicle or TNC Driver enter and remain staged in the TNC Holding Area without an activated Digital Network.

  • Further, each time an individual TNC Driver fails to comply with the conditions of this License, whether such failure is discovered by Licensee or brought to Licensee’s attention by the City, Licensee shall promptly notice such TNC Driver, direct TNC Driver to immediately come into compliance, and Licensee shall promptly notify the City, in writing, that it has done so.

  • The violation of any of the provisions and requirements of the Agreement by a TNC Driver on the Airport shall constitute a default by the Applicant under the terms of the Agreement.

  • Licensee will notify LAWA and the TNC Driver and cancel the rights of the TNC Driver and TNC Vehicle to operate at the Airport if found to violate the CPUC, DMV, City and/or Airport Rules and Regulations and/or other city, state, and federal rules and regulations more than once during the Term of this License Agreement.

  • Applicant agrees that at such time as Applicant extends the right to the use of the Permit and the easement granted hereby to any TNC Driver, Applicant shall inform their drivers about the requirements of this Application and Agreement.

More Definitions of TNC Driver

TNC Driver means an individual who uses a personal vehicle to provide transportation services arranged through a TNC’s digital network.
TNC Driver means an affiliated driver as defined in The Vehicles For Hire Regulations;
TNC Driver means an individual who has been approved by a TNC to use a TNC Vehicle to transport passengers whose rides are arranged through the TNC's online- enabled application, at any time the driver is on the Airport by reason of the TNC Driver's relationship with the TNC, regardless of whether the Vehicle is carrying an Airport Customer.
TNC Driver or “driver” means an individual who operates a motor vehicle that is:
TNC Driver means a covered person who:
TNC Driver means an individual who:
TNC Driver means the driver of a TNC Vehicle who is providing TNC Services. Sec. 126-146. License Required. No person, firm or corporation shall operate a TNC within the city without first obtaining a license from the city. Sec. 126-147. License application; contents; fees. (a) Every TNC desiring to provide TNC Services within the city shall file an application for each such TNC with the city’s revenue department. (b) The application shall be made by the owner of the TNC for which the license is sought, and state the following facts at a minimum: