TLD definition

TLD means a top-level domain of the DNS.
TLD is a top-level domain of the DNS.
TLD means Top Level Domain and for the purpose of this policy the TLD shall be .basketball.

Examples of TLD in a sentence

For purposes of this Section 7.5, a direct or indirect change of control of Registry Operator or any subcontracting arrangement that relates to any Critical Function (as identified in Section 6 of Specification 10) for the TLD (a “Material Subcontracting Arrangement”) shall be deemed an assignment.

If a TLD divides its DNS data into multiple zones, each goes into a separate file named as above, with all the files combined using tar into a file called <tld>.zone.tar.

Refers to the ability of the TLD EPP servers as a group, to respond to commands from the Registry accredited Registrars, who already have credentials to the servers.

Registry Operator shall provide to ICANN and publish on its website its accurate contact details including a valid email and mailing address as well as a primary contact for handling inquiresinquiries related to malicious conduct in the TLD, and will provide ICANN with prompt notice of any changes to such contact details.

For the avoidance of doubt, the rights of Registry Operator to operate the registry for the TLD shall immediately cease upon any expiration of the Term or termination of this Agreement.

More Definitions of TLD

TLD means a top-level domain of the DNS. Other terms used in this Agreement as defined terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the context in which they are defined.
TLD means a top level domain of the domain name system;
TLD means the top-level domain of the DNS.
TLD refers to a top-level domain in the Internet domain name system.
TLD means Total Loss Distribution; and
TLD means a top-level domain of the DNS;
TLD refers to .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, .US, .IN, .EU, .UK, .TRAVEL, .WS, .COOP, CentralNIC, .MOBI, .ASIA, .ME, .TEL, .MN, .BZ, .CC, .TV, .CN, .NZ, .CO, .CA, .DE, .ES, .AU, .XXX , .RU, .PRO, .SX, .PW, .IN.NET, .CO.DE, .LA, Donuts, .CLUB, .UNO, .MENU, .BUZZ, .LONDON, .BID, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, .CO.COM, .US.COM, .UK.COM, .GB.NET, .COM.DE, .CN.COM, .BR.COM, .GR.COM, .DE.COM, .AE.ORG, .QC.COM, .EU.COM, .SE.NET, .RU.COM, .HU.COM, .SE.COM, .NO.COM, .UK.NET, .SA.COM, .JPN.COM, .UY.COM, .KR.COM, .ZA.COM, .GB.COM, Rightside Registry and Radix Registry