Testing Date definition

Testing Date means 31 December of each year.
Testing Date means the date on which Applicant’s HIE Technology is issued a Testing Report.
Testing Date means each date identified as a “Testing Date” on the Minimum Net Revenue Schedule.

Examples of Testing Date in a sentence

  • If the Issuer fails (or would otherwise fail) to comply with any of the Financial Covenants, and the Issuer receives net cash proceeds from any person (other than a Group Company) in the form of new equity or a Subordinated Loan (a “ Cure Amount”) no later than on the Testing Date, then the relevant Financial Covenant shall be calculated, by adjusting the NIBD and/or the Minimum Liquidity (as the case may be) by the Cure Amount.

More Definitions of Testing Date

Testing Date means each day which is: (i) the last day of the Issuer's financial year in any year; or (ii) the last day of each of the first three quarters of the Issuer's financial year in any year.
Testing Date means the last Business Day of each week occurring after the Closing Date, which initial Testing Date shall be [November 4, 2016].
Testing Date means the date as of which the Portfolio Coverage Ratio shall be determined for the applicable measurement period, which date shall be the last day of each calendar quarter during the Term. Upon each Testing Date, the Portfolio Coverage Ratio shall be determined based upon the twelve trailing calendar months ending on such Testing Date.
Testing Date means the date specified in the relevant table as the date as at (or to) which a particular financial ratio is being tested;
Testing Date means the last day of a financial year or financial half year of the Company.
Testing Date means each of 30 June and 31 December in each year.
Testing Date has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.