Definition of Tenements

Tenements means the mining tenements (including applications for mining tenements) listed in schedule 3. 1.2 In this Deed, unless the context otherwise requires:

Examples of Tenements in a sentence

Assumed Liabilities mean statutory liabilities for end of mine life closure and for remediation costs in respect of the Mining Tenements.
The Payee may within the 30 day notice period request that the Tenements be transferred to the Payee and thereafter the Payer will so transfer the Tenements to the Payee or its nominee for no additional consideration subject to and in accordance with applicable Law, provided that the Payee will pay for all transfer costs.
In the event that the parties determine that the activities of the Project Tenement under the MPSA is no longer viable, and qualifies to convert the Project Tenements from MPSA into an FTAA under prevailing laws and regulations, the Parties then agree to discuss the option to convert the Project Tenement from MPSA to FTAA.
Premier Coal is the registered and beneficial owner of the interests in the granted Tenements as indicated in part I of Schedule 3, free and clear of any Encumbrance other than the Permitted Encumbrances and has complied with all material terms and conditions applicable to the Tenements.
If the relinquishment or surrender of the Tenements to the NSW Department is not voluntary on the part of the Payer, then the Payer will provide the Payee with written notice of such involuntary relinquishment or surrender as soon as practical following the Payee receiving written notice from the NSW Department of such involuntary relinquishment or surrender.