Definition of Tenements

Tenements means the granted Applications and includes any extension or renewal of them.

Examples of Tenements in a sentence

Existing Tenements means the mining tenements set out in Annexure A of this Agreement held by the Company together with any other mining tenement or interest granted pursuant to the Mining Ordinance or the Mining Act including but not limited to a Miners Right, Reward Claim and Authority to Prospect held by the Company, or any other related company approved in writing by the Minister, over or in connection with, all the land within the external boundaries of the northern portion of RO581.
ANNEXURE A Existing Tenements held by the Company as at 31 July 1992:- TITLE LOCATION SIZE GRANT DATE MLN 586 McArthur River 16.18 Hect.
Ancillary Agreement means the agreement described in item 5 of the schedule or any other agreement made between the Native Title Party and the Grantee Party or any other person in connection with the grant of the Tenement(s) and/or the Grantee Party exercising its rights and discharging its obligations under the Tenement(s).
Tenement(s) means the mining tenement(s) described in items 2(a) and 2(b) of the schedule to be granted under the Mining Act over part or all of the Subject Area.
Subject Area means the land and waters (if applicable) the subject of the application for the Tenement(s) described in item 2(a) of the Schedule.