Definition of Tenant Allowances

Tenant Allowances means tenant improvements paid or reimbursed through allowances to or credit against rent only by a Tenant pursuant to such Tenant's Lease.

Examples of Tenant Allowances in a sentence

If Tenant requests any additional work which is not provided for in the aforesaid "Building Standard Tenant Allowances", Tenant will be responsible for all costs resulting from such additional work, including architectural and engineering charges, which costs shall be paid by Tenant on or before occupancy of the demised premises.
On Schedule 3.16(f), under the heading "Outstanding Tenant Allowances", in the table with the title "2009 Tenant Allowances and Landlord Work", all rows that refer to "Livermore", "Grand Prairie" or "St. Augustine" under the column heading "Properties" and the row that refers to "Total Properties Under Development" shall be deleted in their entirety.
There are no Unfunded Tenant Allowances except as set forth on Schedule VI.
Landlord is in the process of constructing the portions of the Tenant Improvements giving rise to the net increase in Tenant Allowances and will begin installing landscaping at the appropriate time in the construction schedule.
On the Closing Date, Borrower has deposited with Lender the sum of $578,508.44 to be held by Lender in an interest-bearing account, which amount shall be disbursed to Borrower pursuant to this Section 6.7 for Unfunded Tenant Allowances associated with the Leases set forth on Schedule VI attached hereto, and the amount of such disbursements shall not exceed the amount of Unfunded Tenant Allowances set forth on Schedule VI.