Definition of TEM

  1. TEM means telecom expense management services.

Examples of TEM in a sentence

  1. TEM has made available to Portugal Telecom and PT Moveis in Section 4.1 of the TEF Group Disclosure Schedule complete and correct copies of the bylaws and the shareholders agreements of each of the TEF Covered Assets as currently in effect.
  2. Asbestos TEM has agreed that Landlord may share with Tenant its accounting of the costs of its relocation and its use of the Move Credit and the Prepaid Base Rent, and Landlord agrees to make Asbestos TEMs accounting of its relocation costs available for Tenants review at no cost to Tenant.
  3. (d) (i) Verbina acknowledges that Xtra-Gold is currently completing a V-TEM survey (the Survey) on the Concessions at an estimated cost of US$300,000.

Definition of TEM in Asset Purchase Agreement

TEM means telecom expense management services.