Definition of TEM

TEM means transmission electron microscopy.
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TEM means telecom expense management services.
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Examples of TEM in a sentence

E4.PDF BULK APPROVALS - MAYOR PRO TEM CARRUTHERS Approval Of The FY2016 Airline Rates And Charges For The Key West International Airport, Effective October 1, 2015.
TEM has made available to Portugal Telecom and PT Moveis in Section 4.1 of the TEF Group Disclosure Schedule complete and correct copies of the bylaws and the shareholders agreements of each of the TEF Covered Assets as currently in effect.
TEM may perform early amortization of all or any part of the Line of Credit, without any penalty or benefit whatsoever, by notifying MOVILES ESPANA, S.A. to that end at least six working days in advance.
That interest shall be liquidated by MOVILES ESPANA, S.A. and paid by TEM monthly, by months elapsed.
Payment of the funds requested into the account mentioned in the Disposal Application shall be equivalent to receipt of these by TEM.