Definition of Technical Materials

Technical Materials means all materials in relation to the IP rights, and other related charts, technologies, drawings, designs and documents which are definitely required for Party A to manufacture the products hereunder at present stage.
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Examples of Technical Materials in a sentence

The Software, Upgrades, Maintenance Releases, and Technical Materials are our copyrighted property, and may not be copied, distributed, or transferred, or otherwise used except as we have expressly permitted in the relevant license agreement (the terms of which are incorporated into this agreement by reference) or otherwise in writing.
The Contractor warrants that all Supplies, Deliverable Software and Deliverable Technical Materials are Year 2000 Compliant.
In order to secure the payment of Rent and the other obligations of Lessee, the Parent and Lessee will pledge as collateral to the Lessor, as collateral agent, the capital stock in each of the following Subsidiaries of the Parent: Williams Advanced Materials Inc., a New York corporation, Circuits Processing Technologies, Inc., a California corporation, Technical Materials, Inc., an Ohio corporation, and Brush International, Inc., an Ohio corporation.
Except as set forth herein, neither party shall copy or reproduce, or transfer, assign, sublicense, loan, disclose or otherwise make available any or all Proprietary Information or Proprietary Technical Materials of the other party to any Person without the prior written consent of owner party to the specific action to be taken.
The Software shall be defined as the modules listed below, the Initial Software Changes, Documentation, and installation manual, all as described in the Technical Materials and Documentation existing as of the date of this Agreement, and regardless of product name.