Definition of Technical Employee

Technical Employee means an employee having special or specific engineering, geological, geophysical, permitting and drafting or ether professional skills, but excluding administrative employees, and whose primary function is the handling of specific operating conditions and problems for the benefit of the JV Activities; and
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Examples of Technical Employee in a sentence

Fill up Form on the Detailed BIO-DATA INFORMATION FOR KEY PERSONNEL for each person, - Authorized Managing Officer/Representative - Sustained Technical Employee 1.
Oncology shall ensure that each Physician Employee and Technical Employee associated with Oncology to provide medical care to patients of Oncology is licensed by the State of Florida to the extent required.
On February 6, 2003, the Bankruptcy Court authorized, but did not require, the Debtors to implement the Technical Employee KERP.
An employee at this level is an experienced employee who exercises trade and/or other skills relevant to the specific requirements of the enterprise at a higher level than a Technical Employee Level 1 and possesses competencies which enables the employee to: i.
The amounts to be paid under the Technical Employee KERP are scheduled to occur (1) on the Effective Date and (2) six months after the Effective Date.