SO2 definition

SO2 means sulfur dioxide.
SO2 means sulfur dioxide, measured in accordance with the provisions of this Consent Decree.
SO2 means the pollutant sulfur dioxide.

Examples of SO2 in a sentence

  • Fortnightly monitoring of ambient air quality (SPM, SO2 and NOx) and equivalent noise levels should be ensured during construction phase.

  • Emissions were calculated for the following pollutants of interest: NH3, PM2.5, CO, NOX, SO2, benzene, 1,3-butadiene, acetaldehyde (CCHO), formaldehyde (HCHO) and total VOCs.The approach for this study was to perform a number of MOBILE6.2C runs to develop scaling factors based on Canadian specific data that can then be applied to the regional (census-division wide) emissions by vehicle type.

  • Thus, we have to find a unique representative of the action (A, B)X = AXB−1 of K = U(1) SO(2) on SU(2), which is the action of a maximal torus in SO(4) acting on S3.

  • SO2 will be sent to scrubber and the resultant medium containing Sodium Bi-sulfite to be sent to effluent treatment system.

  • The exhaust gas produced in the natural gas burning is discharged through 100m chimneys to the upper air after the dust removal and denitration treatment, and the specific pollutants are smoke, SO2 and NOx. Fuqing Float implements the emission standard in the Chart 2 of GB26453–2011 Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for the Flat Glass Industry.

More Definitions of SO2

SO2 means sulphur dioxide
SO2 or “sulfur dioxide” means a gas that has a molecular composition of one sulfur atom and two oxygen atoms.
SO2 means sulfur dioxide;
SO2 means sulfur dioxide and “SO2 per MMBtu” means sulfur dioxide per million Btu.
SO2 means sulfur dioxide, as measured in accordance with this Consent Decree.
SO2 means sulfur dioxide, as measured in accordance with the provisions of this CAFO (U.S. v Lansing Board of Water and Light, CAFO Docket No. CAA-05-2019-0040, 2019, Paragraph 66)