Service Package definition

Service Package means the Affiliate designated service option(s) which defines the extent of use of the Software Products, in conjunction with any service and/or benefits therein granted as rights hereunder this Agreement.
Service Package is described in our marketing materials and includes the rates and features we set for that particular Service Package. By signing the Service Agreement, you affirmatively request service and agree to comply with all of the applicable terms, conditions and provisions contained in the Agreement (as defined herein), including these Terms and Conditions of Service. In the event of default, you agree to pay Alpine its reasonable damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees and collection agency fees, incurred in enforcing its rights under the Agreement.
Service Package means an aggregation of

Examples of Service Package in a sentence

  • The Digital Service Package you select will be governed by both the terms and conditions of the Agreement covering the Units described below and this MAX Exhibit and in the event that those terms conflict, the terms and conditions of this MAX Exhibit will exclusively govern the subject matter of those terms and conditions.

  • The Digital Service Package noted below will be provided to you on a month-to-month basis and may be substituted for another package or cancelled at any time with thirty (30) days prior written notice by either Party to the other.

  • Building Name Equipment Type Nickname Stops MAX Plus MAX Pro MAX Premium KENOSHA EMERGING LEADRES ACADEMY Hydraulic 1 3 Current Selection Unless otherwise provided for in the Agreement, any Service Requests, repairs, or maintenance initiated by the Digital Service Package shall be performed during Regular Time.

  • Furthermore, the Reseller agrees to incorporate all copyright notices, disclaimers, wording, trademarks, logos and other marks which are required by PCA or the Licensors to be included in respect of the Service Package.

  • In addition to the monthly amount, the Digital Service Package selected below also requires a one-time activation and setup fee of $150.00.

More Definitions of Service Package

Service Package means the Customer designated service option which defines the extent of use of the Software Products, in conjunction with any service and/or benefits therein granted as rights hereunder this Agreement.
Service Package means an aggregation of individual hospital items or services into a single service with a single charge.
Service Package means the specific set of specifications, functionality and applicable pricing for the use of the Ardexa Platform and provision of Services (other than Consultancy Services), which the Client selects when completing the Services Order. Services means any services provided by Ardexa to the Client in accordance with a Services Order and the Service Package.
Service Package means the complete service offering set forth in the Quotation. Service Packages may be subject to change or customization, at Xxxxx’s sole discretion. “Software Updates” shall mean bug fixes, patches, and minor enhancements to the Software currently licensed to Customer that are provided to Customer at no charge during the Contract Period.
Service Package means one of the Service packages offered by Corporify to Customer as set out in the Order Form, defining the scope of the License and the set of rights awarded to Customer under the License and the Service Results that may be obtained through the Service;
Service Package means one (1) or more communications channels which are offered as a unit by the grantee to subscribers and for which a separately identifiable charge is made.
Service Package means the quarterly amount of resources allocated to a Participant based on their assessed level of need using the Supports Intensity Scale and the Rhode Island Supplemental SIS Questions as updated by the Department from time to time. The resource allocation level is specific to the Participant and establishes the amount for the Participant tonegotiate more specific services to be provided. The clinically appropriate delivery of services and supports to the Participant shall be annually described and itemized in detail in the Participant’s ISP. As such, resources allocated to one Participant cannot be used to support the services of another Participant. One category of resource allocation levels is for Participants who require out-of-home placement and 24-hour support. Three other categories are for Participants who need less than 24-hour supports. Category two is for Participants who reside in their own home. Category three is for Participants who reside in their family’s home. Category four is for Participants who reside in a shared living arrangement. The resource allocation levels anticipate that Participants will share services. As of July 1, 2011, in accordance with RIGL 40.1-21-4.3(7) and RIGL 40.1-26-2(9) all resource allocations will be allocated on a quarterly basis. As used herein, “Resource Allocation Level” and “Service Package” shall have the same meaning.