Selected Firm definition

Selected Firm means the firm who is selected by the City and to whom the City Council/City Manager awards a contract for the services or commodities requested in this solicitation.
Selected Firm means a commodity trading firm selected by Buyer.
Selected Firm means the auditing firm selected by the City to enter into a contract to provide Audit Services to the City pursuant to the terms in this RFP or as otherwise negotiated.

Examples of Selected Firm in a sentence

Insofar as possible, the Selected Firm, in carrying out the Project, must employ such methods or means as will not cause any interruption of or interference with the work of any other contractor.

Upon such notice, the Selected Firm and the City shall consult and cooperate as to measures which may be taken to overcome the interference or as to alternative measures which may be undertaken by the parties with a view to the continued performance of the bid agreement.

The Selected Firm shall notify the Contact Person or Contract Administrator of any matter covered above, the occurrence of which interferes or threatens to interfere with the performance of any of its obligations under the bid.

Upon written termination, the City may exclude the Selected Firm from the Project site and pursue any remedies available to the City.

In the event performance by the Selected Firm of its obligations under this Agreement shall be interrupted or delayed by or as a consequence of a fire, flood, severe weather, or other act of God, war, insurrection, civil disturbance, or act of state, the Selected Firm shall be excused from such performance for the period of time such occurrence shall have lasted or such period as is reasonably necessary to rebuild or take other action necessary to resume performance.

More Definitions of Selected Firm

Selected Firm means a national or international firm of independent public accountants in good standing with all applicable regulatory agencies, that is mutually agreeable to Holdings and Parent.
Selected Firm means an independent accounting firm selected by the mutual agreement of Buyer and the Target Stockholder Representative as follows: within 10 days following the delivery of an Earnout Objection Notice, each of Buyer and the Target Stockholder Representative shall propose to the other in writing at least two such firms acceptable to it to act as the Selected Firm. Any firm currently engaged as the independent public accounting firm for or that has otherwise provided substantial services to Buyer or a Target Entity shall be ineligible to be proposed by such party serve as an arbitrator without the consent of the other party. If the parties have not, by the end of the 30-day period referred to above, agreed upon the Selected Firm, then the Selected Firm shall be selected by one party, drawn by lot, from the list of firms proposed by the other party.
Selected Firm or “Contractor” means a company, corporation, group, or organization that is awarded a Contract and enters into a formal Agreement with TWU under this RFO.