Secured Assets definition

Secured Assets means the Borrower Loans, the Financial Collateral Assets and each Borrower Deed of Charge.
Secured Assets means (i) the Underlying Metal; (ii) all property, assets and sums held by the Issuing and Paying Agent and/or the Secured Account Custodian and/or the Metal Agent in connection with the ETC Securities and/or any Transaction Document (for the avoidance of doubt, not including any unallocated Metal standing to the credit of the Subscription Account which does not form part of the Underlying Metal), and (iii) any other property, assets and/or sums which have been charged, assigned, pledged and/or otherwise made subject to the security created by the Issuer in favour of the Trustee pursuant to the Security Deed.
Secured Assets means all moneys, assets and other property of the Customer from time to time standing to the credit of, or deposited with or come into the Bank’s possession or control for the Integrated Account and all rights and benefits attached or accruing thereto and the proceeds thereof and, in the case of securities, means any and all securities at any time and from time to time and for any reason held by, deposited with, received by, transferred to or registered in the name of the Bank, any nominee or agent of the Bank or any person performing nominee service for any central depository, clearing and/or settlement system, for or on account of the Securities Account, together with all dividends, interests, distributions and other moneys derived therefrom and all accretions, allotments and other rights and benefits accruing or arising in respect thereof;

Examples of Secured Assets in a sentence

  • Schedule of Secured Assets Item No : 1 Coimbatore Registration District, Sulur Sub-Registration District, Palladam Taluk, Kaniyur Vllag, S F No.221, 3.65 acres of land – Tharam Rs.5.00.

More Definitions of Secured Assets

Secured Assets means (x) all right, title and interest of the Private Owner in and to the Private Owner Pledged Account (and all funds therein and related rights thereto as more specifically described in the Private Owner Pledged Account Control Agreement), (y) the LLC Interest held by the Private Owner and all other rights of the Private Owner (in any capacity) under this Agreement and the other Transaction Documents (including rights to any distributions or payments on account of any Excess Working Capital Advances or Discretionary Funding Advances made by or on behalf of the Private Owner), and (z) all proceeds of any of the foregoing at any time (including distributions thereon or other income in respect thereof).
Secured Assets means (i) all property, assets and sums derived from the Secured Swap Rights which shall include, without limitation, any property, assets and sums derived from the Swap Agreement and the enforcement of the security granted in favour of the Issuer under the Credit Support Deed and the enforcement of any other Credit Support Document, (ii) all property, assets and sums held by the Issuing and Paying Agent [If Uncertificated Registered Securities, text will apply or be inserted – or, as the case
Secured Assets means, in respect of a Series, (i) the Issuer’s rights against the Custodian, the Primary Sub-Custodians, any Sub-Custodians and the Metals Counterparties under the Custody Agreement, the Primary Sub-Custody Agreements, any Sub-Custody Agreements and the Metals Counterparty Agreement(s) in respect of the Underlying Metal; (ii) the Issuer’s title in each Allocated Account (in the case of a Series backed by a Precious Metal) or Off-Warrant Account (in the case of a Series backed by a Base Metal), all Underlying Metal held in each such Allocated Account or Off- Warrant Account (as applicable) (including the corresponding Warehouse Releases evidencing ownership of such Metal) and any Bills of Lading or LME Warrants held by the Custodian on behalf of the Issuer with a Primary Sub-Custodian; (iii) the Issuer Cash Account and all funds standing tothe credit of the Issuer Cash Account; (iv) all property, assets and sums held by the Principal Paying Agent, the Account Bank, the Custodian, each Primary Sub-Custodian, any other Sub-Custodian and/or each Metals Counterparty (including, for the avoidance of doubt the proceeds of any sale or liquidation of Underlying Metal but excluding any Metal held by a Metals Counterparty for delivery to an Authorised Participant or ETC Holder in connection with the settlement of a Buy-Back) in connection with such Series and/or any Transaction Document; (v) the Issuer’s rights against each Transaction Party under each Transaction Document; and (vi) any other property, assets and/or sums which have been charged, assigned, pledged and/or otherwise made subject to the security created by the Issuer in favour of the Security Trustee for the benefit of the Secured Creditors pursuant to each Security Document, and that, in each case, have not been released in accordance therewith.
Secured Assets means (a) all and any money, currencies, cash, securities (including but not limited to shares, bonds or derivatives), fiduciary deposits, precious metals or any other valuables or assets which at present or in the future are held in any Bank Account and each and any actual, contingent, present and/or future right, entitlement, claim or benefit including the right to recovery of possession, to or over all said assets held in that Bank Account, (b) any present and future accessories which attach or will attach to any of the above mentioned assets, including interests, dividends, coupons, subscription rights, new shares, bonuses, distributions and options, and all proceeds of all operations and transactions involving the above mentioned assets, whether such proceeds are cash or securities and (c) any claims or rights of the Assignor against the Account Bank, arising in connection with the Bank Account.
Secured Assets means the Borrower Loans and the Financial Collateral Assets;