Remains definition

Remains means the body of a deceased human or a body part, or limb that has been removed from a living human, including a body, body part, or limb in any stage of decomposition, or cremated remains.
Remains means the body or cremated remains of a decedent.
Remains means the bodies of deceased persons, in whatever stage of decomposition, and cremated remains.

Examples of Remains in a sentence

  • Companion Life Insurance Company does not underwrite this plan.VISION DISCOUNT PROGRAMFor Vision Discount Benefits please go to: STUDY/TRAVEL ABROADWhether studying or traveling abroad, the Student Health Insurance Plan provides the same benefits as if you were on campus, in addition to Return of Mortal Remains, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Global Emergency Medical Assistance.

  • I.A.1. GTH Was, And Remains, An Egyptian Juridical Person Canada’s New Objection Is Untimely Canada’s new objection that GTH is not established in accordance with and recognized as a juridical person by the laws of Egypt is in any event out of time.

  • Sustainable Development Remains Fundamentally an Environmental Issue11Sustainable development was intended to encompass multiple dimensions.

  • Placement of Cremated Remains in urn provided by family ……………………………………….……… $ 50.

  • All other indemnities are payable to the insured person except under Section 3.2 - Emergency Medical Evacuation and Section 3.3 - Repatriation of Mortal Remains where the benefits will be paid based on actual cost directly to the provider of service.

More Definitions of Remains

Remains means either human remains or cremated remains.
Remains means all or part of a physical individual and objects on or attached to the physical individual that are placed there as part of the death rite or ceremony of a culture.
Remains means the remains of a deceased person.
Remains means the body or cremated remains of a
Remains means cremated human remains that are in a container or the bodily remains of a human being.
Remains means the remains of a human body after death.
Remains means a human body, skeletal remains or mummified remains discovered during construction and other projects or exposed through erosion, excavation or accident or other means on state, federal and private lands and includes a funerary object or artifact associated with the remains; and