Relate definition

Relate or “relating” means containing, governing, showing, mentioning, referring, discussing or pertaining in any way, directly or indirectly, to the subject matter.
Relate or "relating to" means pertaining to, recording, evidencing, setting forth, reflecting, referring to, discussing, showing, disclosing, describing, explaining, summarizing, concerning, or regarding.
Relate. “relating,” or “regarding” shall mean evidencing, memorializing,

Examples of Relate in a sentence

  • Relate performance data to Project conditions and requirements, including system effects that can create undesired or unpredicted conditions that cause reduced capacities in all or part of a system.

  • Relate short-term outcomes to one or more areas of a systems framework (e.g., governance, data, finance, accountability/monitoring, quality standards, professional development and/or technical assistance) and explain how these strategies support system change and are necessary for: (a) achievement of the SiMR; (b) sustainability of systems improvement efforts; and/or (c) scale-up.

  • Relate to the correctness or incorrectness of information contained in the document.

  • Relate volume to the operations of multiplication and addition and solve real world and mathematical problems involving volume.

  • Relate at the time of conception or reduction to practice of the invention to the employer’s business, or actual or demonstrably anticipated research or development of the employer.

More Definitions of Relate

Relate or “RELATING TO” means referencing, constituting, defining, evidencing, containing, comprising, embodying, reflecting, identifying, stating, referring to, dealing with, or in any way pertaining to.
Relate and “RELATED” shall mean—in whole or in part—constituting, containing, discussing, describing, analyzing, identifying, evidence, referring to, or stating.
Relate or “Related” means (i) used primarily in, or (ii) arising, directly or indirectly, primarily out of the operation or conduct of, in each case, the Business as conducted by Parent, the Acquired Company or any Asset Seller.
Relate means refer to, describe, concern, pertain to, or constitute.
Relate means to empathize with the Prospect by restating what you heard for clarification.
Relate means “to have connection, relation, or reference[.]” It is unarguable that the subject matter of the litigation has some connection, has some relation, has some reference to the arbitration clauses here. [Plaintiffs]’ assertion of claims against the insurers is, in part, an assertion of policy coverage of the insured’s alleged torts. Common sense dictates the conclusion that policy provisions relating to coverage of the insured’s torts are, almost by definition, related to
Relate or "Relating" shall mean reflecting, containing, pertaining, referring, indicating, showing, describing, evidencing, discussing, mentioning or concerning.