Definition of Irish Qualifying Lender

Irish Qualifying Lender means a Lender which is beneficially entitled to the interest payable to that Lender in respect of an advance under this Agreement and:

Examples of Irish Qualifying Lender in a sentence

Irish Qualifying Lender to which interest may be paid free of withholding tax due to such Lender falling within Section 246(3)(h) of the TCA shall, following a request from the Borrower, confirm its name, address and country of Tax residence to the Borrower to enable it to comply with its reporting obligations under Section 891A of the TCA.
Each Lender which confirmed that it was a UK Qualifying Lender and an Irish Qualifying Lender undertakes to notify the Agent and the Parent Company promptly upon becoming aware of it ceasing to be a UK Qualifying Lender or an Irish Qualifying Lender (as applicable) (other than as a result of any change after it became a Lender under this Agreement in (or in the interpretation, administration or application of) any law or Treaty, or any published practice or concession of any relevant Tax authority).
Irish Qualifying Lender shall provide to the Borrower and update (or cause to be provided and updated) any correct, complete and accurate information reasonably requested and necessary (in the sole determination of the Borrower) for the Borrower in order to permit the Borrower to comply with its obligation under Section 891E of the TCA and all regulations made pursuant to that section.
Qualifying Lender means an Irish Qualifying Lender, an Irish Term B Qualifying Lender, a German Qualifying Lender, a U.K. Qualifying Lender or a U.K. Term B Qualifying Lender.
Lender as at the date of this Agreement confirms that it is a UK Qualifying Lender and an Irish Qualifying Lender.