Purchase Requisition definition

Purchase Requisition means an internal online request by a Client Department to the Procurement Section for procurement of Goods and/or Services.

Examples of Purchase Requisition in a sentence

  • The customer's Purchase Requisition will be billed for applicable vehicle rental fees.

  • Included was a Purchase Requisition Form and Certificate of Entitlement.

  • All invoice documents shall reference the WBSCM Purchase Order (PO) Number and PO Item Number, the Sales Order (SO) Number and SO Item Number or Purchase Requisition (PR) and PR Item number.

More Definitions of Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition means a request for Goods and/or Services for which the Budget has been approved, prepared by a Department and sent to the Purchasing Services Division;
Purchase Requisition means a request from time to time by the Client to the Institution as per Murabaha Document # 3/1;
Purchase Requisition means the non-binding document from the Customer to UNFPA, requesting that UNFPA procure certain supplies and services on the Customer’s behalf;
Purchase Requisition means a request issued by the Customer to the Bank to utilise the Facility consisting of the Purchase Request and the Undertaking to Purchase (Wa’d), substantially in the form as attached in Attachment 1 of the Letter of Offer;
Purchase Requisition means an electronic request that performs a budget check and detailing inventory items as to description, quantity, cost, and shipping.
Purchase Requisition means the initial request for a Purchase Order. “Purchasing Department” means the City’s Procurement Division.