Definition of Prototypes

Prototypes shall mean a pre-production, minimally tested, packaged ASICs which are manufactured by or on behalf of eSilicon under the terms of this agreement solely for the benefit of the Customer.

Prototypes shall mean development prototypes of the BNP Assay and BNP Calibrator and Controls.
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Examples of Prototypes in a sentence

Customer represents and warrants that the circuit design and other information furnished by Customer to TAEC, with respect to the design portion of the Prototypes or Products does not infringe any copyright, trade secret, United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and European Community patent or other intellectual property right of any third party.
All extra engineering samples are sold as Prototypes and are subject to, without limitation, Articles 18.2 and 19.1 of the Design and Production Agreement Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions).
Prototypes so approved shall be deemed Final Prototypes in respect of such collection.
The following brief steps will be required for all product submissions: * Initial sketches and/ or design concepts * Finished artwork or final proofs * Prototypes or pre-production samples * Production samples 5.
This is a third party that has executed a TAP Agreement approved by the JSC pursuant to which such third party (i) is provided access to Prototypes during the Development Phase and (ii) pays a fee for having early access under the applicable TAP.