Progressive jackpot definition

Progressive jackpot means a jackpotting system on one or more slot machines, which, in addition to normal payouts, sets aside a percentage of each bet placed for the award of a progressive jackpot. The jackpot increments every time a bet is placed on any of the designated slot machines and is paid out when a pre-assigned combination is displayed.
Progressive jackpot. Progressive”) Bingo Game” means a bingo game in which a prize amount is carried over to the subsequent game in the progression if no bingo is achieved within a specified number of balls drawn and called.
Progressive jackpot means an amount advertised and payable for a winning combination of numbers, playing cards, symbols, pictures, figures, events or similar representations capable of being generated by an LPM or the CEMS, with a payout that increases automatically over time or as the machine or game is played.

Examples of Progressive jackpot in a sentence

  • The first major Progressive Jackpot winner shall be paid in accordance to the Progressive Jackpot value displayed on the display screen.

  • In the event of the entire round being void the hands shall be re-dealt after the players have had an opportunity to change their Ante Wager, Blind Wager and Progressive Jackpot Wagers.

  • In addition to the wagers placed in accordance with rule 5.1, where the Casino Operator offers a Progressive Jackpot, a player may also make a Progressive Jackpot Wager.

  • Progressive Jackpot Wagers shall be made by placing a chip of the correct denomination either: if the Progressive Jackpot is being operated manually, on the jackpot wagering area provided on the table (as provided at rule 3.3(e)); or if the Progressive Jackpot is being operated electronically, on the illuminated jackpot area corresponding to the wagering area for the player’s Ante and Blind Wagers (as provided at rule 3.3(f)).

  • Subject to rule 10.4, if a player’s hand loses the Dealer shall: when the Progressive Jackpot is being operated manually, collect the player’s Progressive Jackpot Wager (if any), unless the hand qualifies for a Progressive Jackpot payout as described in rule 10.2 (in which case rule 11.12 will apply); collect, in order, the Play, Ante and Blind Wagers; determine whether the Trips Bonus Wager qualifies and pay according to rule 5.11; and collect, count and place the player’s cards in the discard holder.

More Definitions of Progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpot means a jackpot won by a single player whose amount corresponds to a determined percentage of each wager placed in each participating EGD;
Progressive jackpot means a slot machine payoff that increases automatically over time or as the machine or another operated by a single licensee is played.
Progressive jackpot means a prize that increases as one or more casino games is connected to a progressive jackpot system.
Progressive jackpot means a progressive jackpot game conducted in accordance with section 11 and all other applicable provisions of these rules;
Progressive jackpot means the jackpot beginning at $5,000.00 and increases based on sales of each of the Progressive Print-N-Play® Lotto Games.
Progressive jackpot means an additional variable reward, additional to the games pay table, which is available to be won by a player as a result of an event.
Progressive jackpot means an element additional to the game in play in which qualifying hands are paid progressive amounts dependent on the cards dealt to those hands;