Precise definition

Precise means information that indicates circumstances that exist or may reasonably be expected to come into existence or an event that has occurred or may reasonably be expected to occur and is specific enough to enable a conclusion to be drawn as to the possible effect of those circumstances or that event on the price.
Precise means how sharply defined or measured a parameter is after repeated measurements.
Precise means NeoPharm’s Phase III Randomized Evaluation of Convection Enhanced Delivery of IL13-PE38QQR with Survival Endpoint.

Examples of Precise in a sentence

  • Precise mining area will be jointly demarcated at site by project proponent and officials of Mining/Revenue department prior to starting of mining operations.

  • Precise engineering of space limits is not required either on the plans or on the ground.

  • Precise substitute wording must be offered in place of the paragraph objected to.

  • Precise compliance with these provisions avoids even the appearance of impropriety and helps to strengthen public confidence in City officials.

  • Precise measurements of the small business credit market are not available.

More Definitions of Precise

Precise means marked by a high degree of exactitude:
Precise means Precise Exercise Equipment, Inc., a New Jersey corporation, and Fitness Innovations and Technologies (F.I.T.), Inc., a Delaware corporation, and each of their respective directors, officers, stockholders, agents, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assigns.
Precise means that one achieves sensitivity lev- els of 10−3 or better.
Precise or the "Company") Precise Software Solutions Ltd. ("Parent") and Shimon Alon ("Executive"), regarding Executive's employment by Precixx, Xxxxxxxve's work product, the confidentiality of material of Precise, and Executive's agreement not to compete with Precise.
Precise means that all proposed actions must be measurable according to SMART criteria.
Precise. , “We”, “Us” or “Our” means Precise Ski Academy Limited, a company registered in the United Kingdom with number 12192479 and having its registered office at 1-3 Manor Road, Chatham ME4 6AE
Precise means focused, exact, and clear; and "cheap" means that it is the least-cost alternative. Before supplying inputs, a donor should survey the local economy to be sure that the inputs are appropriate to local conditions and can be maintained at reasonable cost.