Definition of Portable equipment

Portable equipment means equipment designed to be transported from place to place for temporary operation[, other than a motor vehicle, or lawn mower, snowblower or other similar domestic, non-commercial equipment] and to provide heat or hot water. [(43) Process weight means total weight of the materials including solid fuels introduced into any specific process but excluding liquid and gaseous fuels and combustion air. (44) Process weight per hour means process weight divided by the number of hours from the beginning of any specific process to the completion of the process, excluding any time during which the equipment used in the process is idle. (45) Professional certification] "Portable generator" means any internal combustion engine whose uses may include, but are not limited to, the generation of electric power, designed to be and capable of being carried or moved from one location to another.

Examples of Portable equipment in a sentence

Portable equipment is subject to exemption if it is not removed from the exempted property and is necessary to the continued maintenance or operation of the manufacturing process.
Portable equipment used for the short-term holding of sludge (i.e. dumpsters and roll-offs) shall not be considered as storage facilities under this section provided this equipment is included in the list of equipment provided in Subsection 802(3).
Portable equipment shall be provided with an ap- proved grounding type plug.
Portable equipment (recorders, cameras, etc.) should not be left in a vehicle where damage or theft could occur.
Portable equipment and storage structures means non-affixed equipment and storage containers that are manufactured to be mounted, hitched, or transported with a farm vehicle, truck, or trailer and its primary function is to store or handle eligible facility loan commodities at different farm, market, or storage locations.