Definition of PLUS

PLUS means the market of that name operated by PLUS Markets plc
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Examples of PLUS in a sentence

Specify percentage (to the nearest 1/10,000 of 1%) and specify whether "PLUS" or "MINUS".
The table below represents transactions involving Visa, Visa Electron, Interlink and PLUS cards processed on Visa's networks.
The table below represents cross border volume growth for cards carrying the Visa, Visa Electron, Interlink and PLUS brands.
ACCOUNTS PAYABLE RECONCILIATION (Post Petition Unsecured Debt Only) Opening Balance (a) $-- PLUS: New Indebtedness Incurred This Month $-- MINUS: Amount Paid on Post Petition Accounts Payable This Month $-- PLUS/MINUS: Adjustments * $-- Ending Month Balance (c) $-- *For any adjustments provide explanation and supporting documentation, if applicable.
The names of the MarketPLUS International Core Portfolio, MarketPLUS Large Cap Growth Portfolio, MarketPLUS Large Cap Core Portfolio and MarketPLUS Mid Cap Value Portfolio are changed to EQ/International Core PLUS Portfolio, EQ/Large Cap Growth PLUS Portfolio, EQ/Large Cap Core PLUS Portfolio and EQ/Mid Cap Value PLUS Portfolio, respectively.