Opal definition

Opal means Opal Telecom Limited whose registered company number is 03849133, and any of its subsidiaries or holding companies, or any subsidiary of such holding companies, all as defined by section 736 of the Companies Act 1985, as amended by the Companies Act 1989;
Opal means Opal Shipping Corporation;

Examples of Opal in a sentence

  • Dellinger RP, Levy MM, Rhodes A, Annane D, Gerlach H, Opal SM, et al.

  • Select a shadeless option for a minimalist aesthetic or choose between 3 glass options: Clear Cone Glass Shades, Cylinder Opal Glass Shades, and Seeded Glass Globe Shades.

  • Any such changes will take effect when they are published on the Opal Website.

  • An algorithm (open-source) that takes into account various factors quotes an insurance premium programmatically, while there are a couple of human actors involved in the process.Source:Source:Nexus MutualNexus MutualRisk assessmentMembers of the DAO can provide value by assessing the security of a specific smart-contract (potentially a smart-contract auditor or the owner) and staking tokens on it in order to signal that it is secure.

  • FOR POSSIBLE ACTION Subject property is located generally northeast of Flagstone Drive between Opal Drive and Clarkson Drive (APN 001-633-030).

More Definitions of Opal

Opal means Orbit Products Africa Limited, a private company limited by shares and incorporated in Kenya with company number CPR/2015/208334 and having its registered office at Post Office Box Number 48870-00100, Nairobi;
Opal means Opal Gas Limited (CN: 9403911) whose registered office is at 23 Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, England, HG1 5RD;
Opal has the meaning specified in the Preamble.
Opal or the “Company” means Versus Systems Inc. (as of June 14, 2016, formerly, Opal Energy Corp.), a company incorporated under the BCBCA, its common shares listed on the CSE under the stock symbolVS”;
Opal means Opal Resources Canada Inc