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Online course means a course of study that is capable of generating a credit or a grade, that is provided in an interactive internet-connected learning environment, in which pupils are separated from their teachers by time or location, or both, and in which a teacher with a valid Michigan teaching certificate is responsible for determining appropriate instructional methods for each pupil, diagnosing learning needs, assessing pupil learning, prescribing intervention strategies, reporting outcomes, and evaluating the effects of instruction and support strategies.
Online course means a course or grade-level subject instruction that (i) is delivered by a multidivision online provider primarily electronically using the Internet or other computer-based methods and (ii) is taught by a teacher primarily from a remote location, with student access to the teacher given synchronously, asynchronously, or both.
Online course means the delivery by us of an online course pursuant to which you learn course materials remotely.

Examples of Online course in a sentence

  • Notes on discussions.CEU's - Continuous Education Units 1 hr lecture = .1 CEU Bibliographic instruction and information literacyHow to assess our teaching and instruction Column in Journal of Adventist Education Online course for Introduction to LibrariesLibrary assignments - Paulette had a very good presentation on thisPaulette volunteered to get the survey from NAD for evaluating school libraries.

  • The purpose and objective of this Agreement is to allow Idaho Digital Learning to provide the Member with the following: ● Access to learning and course management software; ● Online course and curriculum content; ● Training, setup, and support for the Member for implementation of an online or blended delivery model of the Content.

  • Specifically, at USAB sanctioned junior tournaments, it is mandatory that all coaches have current coaching passes, issued annually by USAB, and have completed and presented to USAB a certificate for the BWF- Level 1 Online course.• Person not sitting in the coaches’ chair are not allowed to coach during a match.• All coaches must have completed the BWF-1 Online course and sent their certificate to USAB at

  • Online Training OnlyPesticide Online CEU Drift Minimization The Texas Pesticide Agricultural CEU Online course is a web-based course for Texas Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicators seeking TDA continuing education units (CEUs).

  • Online course development should be a team effort between the content expert, instructional designer, visual/multimedia designer and computer programer.

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Online course means an alternative learning expe- rience course that has the same meaning as provided in RCW 28A.250.010.
Online course means a course of instruction offered through the Statewide Online Education Program.
Online course means prelicensure education that is a planned learning experience with a geographic separation that may be synchronous or asynchronous, that does not require real-time interaction between a student and an instructor and that uses a platform with self-paced or prerecorded lessons and materials that a student can access via the internet to proceed at the student's own pace.
Online course means prelicensure education that is a planned
Online course means a course or grade-level subject instruction that (i) is delivered by a
Online course means a course of instruction offered by the Statewide Online
Online course means a course that requires student access to an University online learning environment, and includes but is not limited to, courses taught under World Wide Web (“W”), Mixed Mode/Reduced Seat Time (“M”), Video Streaming (“V”) Video Streaming/Reduced Seat Time (“RV”) and Active Learning/Reduced Seat Time (“RA”) course modalities.