Offtaker definition

Offtaker means the counterparty to an Offtake Agreement;
Offtaker means any person other than the Vendor or any of its Affiliates that is a counterparty to a Mineral Offtake Agreement or an Affiliate of the Vendor who contracts with the Vendor on arm’s length commercial terms in respect of the applicable Mineral Offtake Agreement.
Offtaker means each counterparty to each DG Offtake Agreement and each Ethanol Offtake Agreement.

Examples of Offtaker in a sentence

The Vendor shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to cause each Mineral Offtake Agreement to provide for provisional Gold Payments in the form of Refined Gold, which for purposes of this Section 8.4(d) does not include paying to an Offtaker greater consideration for its services than would be payable for a provisional payment that was in the form of cash.

Vendor shall ensure that each shipment of Produced Gold is adequately insured, in such amounts and with such coverage as is customary in the Canadian mining industry, until the time that risk of loss and damage for such Produced Gold is transferred to the Offtaker pursuant to a Mineral Offtake Agreement.

For each sale of Refined Gold pursuant to Section 2.1(a), the amount of Produced Gold used as the basis for calculating the Designated Percentage of Produced Gold shall be determined by the amount of contained gold in the Minerals received at the Offtaker as determined by the Offtaker Documents.

During the Term, the Vendor shall deliver, and (subject to Section 2.1(a)) Vendor shall sell, all Minerals that contain Produced Gold to an Offtaker pursuant to a Mineral Offtake Agreement, in such quantity, description and amounts and at such times and places as required under and in accordance with a Mineral Offtake Agreement.

Vendor’s indemnification obligation pursuant to this Section 14.3 shall not arise (i) where indemnification is available to Purchaser pursuant to Section 14.1, and (ii) where Losses are incidental or consequential to the occurrence of the matters listed in this Section 14.3 (A), (B) and (C), such as but not limited to lost profits from the resulting failure of Vendor to develop the Milligan Project, to extract or process Minerals, or to deliver or sell Minerals to an Offtaker.

More Definitions of Offtaker

Offtaker means Citibank, N.A. and any other offtaker that enters into an Offtake Contract, which offtaker (including any counterparty entering into hedging arrangements with respect to an Offtake Contract) is rated at least A2 by Moody's and is rated at least A by S&P.
Offtaker means each counterparty under each Power Purchase Agreement.
Offtaker means (i) any person other than an affiliate of the Supplier that purchases Minerals from a Hudbay Group Entity; or (ii) any person that takes delivery of Minerals for the purpose of smelting, refining or other beneficiation of such Minerals for the benefit of a Hudbay Group Entity both pursuant to an Offtake Agreement; provided that if a Hudbay Group Entity smelts, refines or beneficiates such Minerals, then Offtaker shall mean such Hudbay Group Entity.
Offtaker means any Person that is party to a Material Water Agreement as a purchaser of water produced thereunder.
Offtaker means each Eligible Buyer.
Offtaker means in respect of any Offtake Contract, the counterparty to such Offtake Contract;