Offer Date definition

Offer Date means the date on which an Exclusionary Offer is made;
Offer Date means, with respect to each New Portfolio, the date falling 5 (five) Business Days prior to each Transfer Date, pursuant to clause 3.1 (Offerta) of the Master Loans Purchase Agreement.

Examples of Offer Date in a sentence

  • During operation of the contract, if there is an upward revision of minimum wage, VDA by the appropriate Government, contractor shall be entitled to reimbursement of such additional amount (wherever applicable) on actual basis subject to production of documentary evidence.The base date for VDA reimbursement shall be Bid Opening Date or RA Date or Revised Offer Date (in case of negotiated prices), whichever is later.

More Definitions of Offer Date

Offer Date means the date of a Take-Over Bid.
Offer Date means the first day of each Offering Period.
Offer Date means the date on which an Offer is made to a Participant.
Offer Date means the Initial Offer Date and each Additional Offer Date.
Offer Date shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 3(a).
Offer Date. 1012 "Offered Price" 1012 "Payment Amount" 1012 "Pari Passu Indebtedness Xxxxxx" 0000 "Pari Passu Offer" 1012 "Payment Xxxxxx" 0000 "Payment Blockage Period" 1303 "Payment Default" 1303 "Permitted Guarantor Junior Securities" 1417 "Permitted Junior Securities" 1302 "Physical Securities" 306 "Private Placement Legend" 202 "Registration Default" 202 "Regulation S" 201 "Replacement Assets" 1012 "Required Filing Date" 1019 "Restricted Payments" 1009 "Revocation" 1017 "Rule 144A" 201 "Securities" Recitals "Security Xxxxxx" 0000 "Security Register" 305 "Security Registrar" 305 "Series A Securities" Recitals "Series B Securities" Recitals "Special Payment Date" 309 "Surviving Entity" 801 "Surviving Guarantor Entity" 801 Section 103. Compliance Certificates and Opinions. Upon any application or request by the Company to the Trustee to take any action under any provision of this Indenture, the Company and any Guarantor (if applicable) and any other obligor on the Securities (if applicable) shall furnish to the Trustee an Officers' Certificate in a form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Trustee stating that all conditions precedent, if any, provided for in this Indenture (including any covenant compliance with which constitutes a condition precedent) relating to the proposed action have been complied with, and an Opinion of Counsel in a form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Trustee stating that in the opinion of such counsel all such conditions precedent, if any, have been complied with, except that, in the case of any such application or request as to which the furnishing of such certificates or opinions is specifically required by any provision of this Indenture relating to such particular application or request, no additional certificate or opinion need be furnished. Every certificate or Opinion of Counsel with respect to compliance with a condition or covenant provided for in this Indenture shall include:
Offer Date means in respect of an Option, the date on which such Option is offered to an Eligible Participant which must be a Business Day;