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  • Under NI 58-101, a director is considered to be independent if he or she is independent within the meaning of Section 1.4 of NI 52-110.

  • As required by NI 58-101 and other applicable regulatory instruments, the following disclosure describes the Corporation’s corporate governance policies and initiatives.Board of DirectorsMeetings of the BoardThe Board fulfills its mandate at regularly scheduled meetings or as required.

  • The following diversity matrix outlines the number and proportion, expressed as a percentage, of members of each Designated Group who hold positions on the Corporation’s Board and as executive officers, including all of the Corporation’s major subsidiaries (as that term is defined in National Instrument 55-104 – Insider Reporting Requirements and Reporting Exemptions and the Canada Business Corporations Regulations, 2001) as at December 31, 2022 as required by Nasdaq Rule 5606, NI 58-101 and the CBCA.

  • Stewart Hanlon and James AC McDermott, each of whom is independent under the applicable rules of the SEC and the Listing Rules, NI 58-101 and James AC McDermott serves as the chair of the Governance and ESG Committee.2022 Information Circular – Proxy Statement 47 Compensation Committee Current Members(1) Bryan Begley (Chair) A.

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NI 58-101 means National Instrument 58-101 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices; “NI 81-101” means National Instrument 81-101 Mutual Fund Prospectus Disclosure;