MST definition

MST means the EBP Multi-Systemic Therapy.

Examples of MST in a sentence

  • MST- Parser comes with a large number of features which, in our setup, operate on the event structure level (since this is the “sentence” from the parser’s point of view).

  • The Special Rapporteurs are concerned about the physical and psychological integrity of Mr. da Silva and other members of the MST.

  • On external-memory MST, SSSP and multi-way planar graph separation.

  • To parse a sentence, MST- Parser finds the tree covering all the words (nodes) in the sentence (graph) with the largest sum of edge weights, i.e., the maximum weighted spanning tree.

  • For the dependency case, we can integrate them into the dynamic program- ming of a base parser; we use the discriminatively- trained MST dependency parser (McDonald et al., 2005; McDonald and Pereira, 2006).

More Definitions of MST

MST. (multiservice tyre) means a multi-use tyre, or in other words a tyre suitable for both on-road and off-road use;
MST means ‘multiservice tyre’, suitable both on and off road.
MST means Modem Sprangteknik i Norden AB, reg. no. 556989-1525.
MST means physical assault of a sexual nature, battery of a sexual nature, or sexual harassment that occurred during military service.