LSR definition

LSR means the industry standard forms and supporting documentation used for ordering local services.
LSR. – as used herein means Light Straight Run.
LSR means the Local Services request form and processes for ordering services for an end user customer which are approved by the OBF and may be modified by mutual agreement of the Parties.

Examples of LSR in a sentence

  • Note: Supplements or clarifications to a previously billed LSR will not incur another OSS charge.

  • These ordered Network Elements and Other Services manual additive NRCs will apply in these states, rather than the charge per LSR.

  • At the end of that time period, a Percent Electronic LSR calculation will be made for that quarter based on the LSR data tracked in the LCSC.

  • BellSouth will track the total LSR volume for each CLEC for each quarter.

  • An individual LSR will be identified for billing purposes by its Purchase Order Number (PON).

More Definitions of LSR

LSR means light sour crude oil aggregated at the EPI Cromer terminal for shipment east on the LSr Pipeline System.
LSR means local service request as that term is used in the Wholesale Agreements.
LSR. Forms containing information about a Customer who desires to port a telephone number, as set forth in the Local Service Ordering Guidelines (“LSOG”).
LSR means the industry standard forms, e.g. OBF forms and supporting documentation and associated procedures used for ordering Local Service.