LME definition

LME means the London Metal Exchange.
LME means the Party named in the Order Form as the LME;

Examples of LME in a sentence

  • The LME will not accept a request to cancel an error trade if that trade falls within the relevant no-cancellation range for the metal concerned.

  • A country relying heavily on market forces to solve coordination issues is called a liberal market economy (LME).

  • In making such a determination, the LME will have regard to the maintenance of a fair and orderly market.

  • The LME will, at all times, calculate a reference/anchor price for all prompt dates and carries for each metal, and the no-cancellation ranges will be based upon this reference/anchor price.

  • Consequently, it is apparent from those notes and statements that the participants at that meeting asserted that they needed a 20% price increase and, after taking stock of costs, concluded that the prices for 2001 had to be increased by 20% and set at USD 800 per ton, that is 50% LME.

More Definitions of LME

LME means London Metal Exchange.
LME means The London Metal Exchange Limited or its successor.
LME means The London Metal Exchange or its successors.
LME means the London Metal Exchange;
LME means the London Metals Exchange.
LME means The London Metal Exchange;
LME or the "Exchange" shall mean The London Metal Exchange. "LME Contract" shall mean a contract as defined by the LME Rulebook.