HUB definition

Examples of HUB in a sentence

  • The frequency the HUB vendor is utilized or paid during the term of the contract is not relevant to whether the contract is considered continuous.

  • Describe the Project 2B HUB lead entity’s role and processes to manage the appropriate HUB information technology requirements.

  • Include a description of the HUB lead entity’s organizational structure and any relationship to the ACH.

  • The HUB Office has established a program, which allows interested persons or businesses qualifying as a minority business under G.S. 143-128.2, to obtain certification in the State of North Carolina procurement system.

  • SWACH is also currently under a Business Associate Agreement with Pierce County ACH to share and adopt appropriate policies for data governance, including clinical and administrative data collection, storage and reporting; and SWACH has taken the Pierce County ACH recommendations for additional security in preparation for HUB implementation.

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HUB means the Husky Union Building.
HUB has the meaning set forth in Schedule A.