Housekeeping definition

Housekeeping means a facility management activity of keeping flammable, combustible and hazardous liquid storage organized and free of debris, vegetation, combustible goods and merchandise and non−essential combustible materials or prod- ucts.
Housekeeping meansthe cleaning of guest rooms, guest bathrooms, public area, changing of linen and removal of trash from guest rooms and common areas.
Housekeeping means providing assistance in the per- formance of activities related to routine household main- tenance at a client’s residence but does not include any direct care for the client.

Examples of Housekeeping in a sentence

  • Technical CapacityThe tenderer(s) in their own name should have satisfactorily executed the work of civil repair/maintenance , electrical & engineering services for similar nature of work (for Facility Management, Housekeeping, Security etc.

  • Appendix C Rules Governing ODS DestructionThis protocol requires that all ODS be destroyed at a destruction facility that is compliant with both the international standards specified in the TEAP Report of the Task Force on Destruction Technologies70 and Code of Good Housekeeping, as well as the requirements of Mexican law.

  • As of November 13th, the State stated they were still going forward with the February 1, 2020 go live date with Medicaid Transformation.• Maintenance and Housekeeping continue to keep our facility clean.

  • Standard hours of operation for issues, turn-ins and document submission to the ASP are as follows: DAYSHOURSSERVICESMon - Fri0700-1430/1530Issues, Turn-Ins, Commercial Carriers1430-1600/1700 Posting of documents 1600-1630/1730 Housekeeping NOTE: Due to time involved in processing issues and turn-ins, processing of the last unit must begin NLT 1500hrs.

  • Background Information (Committee)Parking & Stopping Regulation Housekeeping on Kingston Road( SC18.23Adopted Ward: 44505 and 515 Centennial Road - OPA & Rezoning Applications - Refusal Report City Council DecisionCity Council on September 24 and 25, 2008, adopted the following motions: 1.

More Definitions of Housekeeping

Housekeeping means for those who because of disability and/or age related ailments need assistance with, but they do not need help with "personal care" tasks such as bathing or dressing.
Housekeeping means light cleaning per- formed at short term intervals.
Housekeeping means the functional component described in Section C8.4 (Housekeeping) of the Clinical Specifications;
Housekeeping means those measures and precautions necessary to minimize the release of petroleum solvent to the atmosphere.
Housekeeping means an orderly arrangement of operating tools, equipment, storage facilities and supplies and not just cleanliness. Housekeeping should be planned at the beginning of the job and carefully supervised until the final hand over. It is a practical method of increasing production, reducing accident and improving employee morale and public relations. Housekeeping should be the concern of all supervisors and engineers in their area of work and not left for the cleanup crew. Housekeeping should be a part of daily routine & clean up a continuous process.
Housekeeping means the ability to maintain the interior of the individual's residence for the purpose of health and safety. Housekeeping includes activities such as wiping surfaces, cleaning floors, making the individual's bed, cleaning dishes, taking out the garbage and dusting. Housekeeping does not include pet care or home repair. Only the housekeeping activities related to the eligible individual's needs may be considered in housekeeping. Housekeeping needs of roommates, guests, family members or other residents of the household can not be considered.