Guaranteed Amount definition

Guaranteed Amount means the aggregate amount of each Guaranteed Debt that is guaranteed at any time by Partner Guarantors.
Guaranteed Amount means that amount defined as the Guaranteed Amount in Section III.E.5.c.
Guaranteed Amount means the amount set out in clause 1.5.

Examples of Guaranteed Amount in a sentence

  • This Guaranteed Amount does not include room rental, meeting space rental, no-host bar, service charges, tax and labor charges, audio-visual, parking or any other miscellaneous charges incurred.

  • Group is required to pay Hotel the full Guaranteed Amount, regardless of whether Group actually charges that amount.

  • Group is also required to pay Hotel any amounts it incurs exceeding the Guaranteed Amount.

More Definitions of Guaranteed Amount

Guaranteed Amount has the meaning given to it in Clause 2.1 (Guarantee).
Guaranteed Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.02.
Guaranteed Amount means, in respect of any date, the maximum amount for which the Crown would be liable on that date under the Crown Guarantee, in accordance with the terms of this Deed, if all Indebtedness existing on that date was (and had been, for 15 days) due and payable and was not paid by the Principal Debtor.
Guaranteed Amount means, with respect to the Indebtedness of another Person, the aggregate amount for which the Borrower is liable (whether by Guarantee or as a general partner or otherwise, but excluding any amounts with respect to which the Borrower is expressly exculpated).
Guaranteed Amount means the amount determined in accordance with sub-section 3(c) hereof; “Guaranteed Value” means the amount per Unit determined in accordance with sub-section 3(a) hereof; “Guaranteed Value Calculation Date” means the last Valuation Date in each calendar month;
Guaranteed Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 2.01.
Guaranteed Amount means (i) an amount equal to US$ ……………, or (ii) an amount equal to the balance of this amount as it is reduced in accordance with article 4 of the PSA.