Frontline definition

Frontline means Frontline P.C.B. Solutions Limited Partnership;
Frontline has the meaning specified in the Recitals to this Agreement.

Examples of Frontline in a sentence

  • Frontline response aims to respond quickly (within five working days) to straightforward complaints that require little or no investigation.

  • Frontline response must be completed within five working days, although in practice we would often expect to respond to the complaint much sooner.

  • All numbers on the Frontline Dashboard will be updated and reported weekly.

  • Frontline resolution aims to quickly resolve straightforward customer complaints that require little or no investigation.

  • Frontline personnel should have a low threshold for passing indicator information along to supervisors for situational awareness and potential decision-making.In addition to identifying response specific indicators and triggers, hospitals should determine the trigger or threshold to identify when they are in crisis care whenever possible.

  • Front-line employees should promptly notify his/her supervisor if engineering controls fail or additional controls are warranted.

  • Views from the Frontline: A local perspective of progress towards implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action.

  • Webinar(s)o Frontline staff may directly participate in webinar opportunities as established by the MPS CLC Project Team.

  • Frontline staff who are not First Responders who encounter a victim of modern slavery will need to work with a First Responder to make a referral.

  • In cases where there is an immediate threat to the potential victim a referral to the police should already have been made by the First Responder or Frontline staff member (e.g. in the case of the NHS).

More Definitions of Frontline

Frontline means FrontLine Capital Group, a Delaware corporation (formerly known as Reckson Services Industries, Inc.).
Frontline. FrontLine Capital Group, a Delaware corporation.
Frontline means Frontline Ltd., an exempted Bermuda company, and its successors.
Frontline. As defined in Section 13.25. GAAP: Generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied.

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