Free Version definition

Free Version means any version of the Subscription for which no Subscription Fee is payable by the Customer;
Free Version means a restricted version of the Software allowing use of and access to certain elements and functionalities (but not all functionalities) of the Software which is offered by the Supplier free of charge and may be available for downloading from the Supplier's website. The Free Version is subject to the terms of this XXXX (except where indicated otherwise).
Free Version means any Subscription for, access to or enjoyment of the Services, for which no Subscription Fee is payable by the Customer, except during the Evaluation Period;

Examples of Free Version in a sentence

  • In case the Licensee is using a Free Version of the Software then he is bound by these General Terms and Conditions but does not need to pay a fee for the Software License.

  • After installation of the Software you have a license to the Free Version, subject to its Licensing Parameters.

  • If you are using the Free Version not all of these updates may be available to you.

  • By derogation of sec.13.3., each Party has the right to ordinarily terminate the Software License for a Free Version by providing the other Party with a termination notice in writing (e-mail suffices) or in the user interface of the Software with a notice period of two weeks.

  • In this case, the merged entity’s ability to exercise vertical market power (for example, forcing end-customers to purchase verticallyintegrated services) may be constrained if there is buyer power from Sponsors.

More Definitions of Free Version

Free Version means the free version of the Application as further described in (which may be updated from time to time);
Free Version refers to the product provided by BadFly Interactive, a.s. to you at no charge.
Free Version means Game that is provided by Tapptick Games to you for free.
Free Version means the version(s) of the IDMS available to consumers at no charge and marked with the legend “FREE VERSION.”
Free Version means the non-paying version of the Application with the following functionalities: time & expense tracker, web & mobile, project follow-up, project time overview
Free Version means Software that is provided by MoveMIDI to you for free, such as Trial Versions or Beta Versions.