Foundations definition

Foundations means those entities identified on Exhibit B to the summary of the material terms of the DIA Settlement, which is attached hereto as Exhibit I.A.91, solely in their capacity as participants in the DIA Settlement.
Foundations means those entities identified on Exhibit B to the summary of the material terms of the DIA Settlement, which is attached hereto as Exhibit I.A.126.
Foundations means, collectively, the Taft Foundation and the James E. & Diane W. Burke Foundation Inc.

Examples of Foundations in a sentence

  • The signature shall be certified officially or by a notary public or shall be executed at the Foundation's registered office in the presence of a person entrusted with the administration of the pension fund upon presentation of an official identity document (passport, identity card).

  • B., 2005, ”Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technological Change”, Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship, Vol 1(4), pp.

  • The maximum possible purchase sum is derived from the Foundation's actuarial parameters.

  • Jeff Guy, ‘An Accomodation of Patriarchs: Theophilus Shepstone and the Foundations of the System of Native Administration in Natal’, Unpublished paper.

  • Determination Of Structural Scantlings.Structural Design Of Engine Room, Superstructure, Cargo Handling Arrangements, Hatches, Special Ships, Welded Structures And Computer Applications: Engine Room – Horizontal Subdivision Of Engine Room, Platforms, Decks, Shaft Tunnel And Recesses, Engine Casting, Foundations Of Diesel Engines, Turbines, Boilers, Auxiliary Machinery.

More Definitions of Foundations

Foundations means those items used to affix or support a memorial or monument to the ground in connection with the installation of a memorial, marker or monument.
Foundations means the Sands Family Foundation and Sands Family Supporting Foundation (each of which are tax-exempt charitable entities).
Foundations means, collectively, the RBS Foundation and the RBS Fund.
Foundations mean WTG foundations constructed pursuant to the Foundation Load Specifications.
Foundations means the poured concrete bases required for all memorials which shall be installed in a line and level with adjacent memorials, finished 2 inches below the lowest point of the grade, and 3 inches larger on all sides than the memorial that is to be placed thereon. The depth of the foundation shall be 6 to 12 inches for single and double grave spaces with two postholes or legs going 18” deep.
Foundations means, together, The St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School Foundation, Christchurch School Foundation, The St. Margaret's School Foundation, The St. Catherine's School Foundation, St. Christopher's School Foundation and The Stuart Hall School Foundation, all 501(c)(3) organizations organized to support their respective educational institutions that are so named as Schools of the Borrower, and any other foundations or entities created in the future to support any of the Borrower's educational institutions, and their successors or assigns.
Foundations means the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations;