Forms definition

Forms or "form" means both paper forms and forms completed electronically.
Forms means the documents required under the CDBG-DR program and made available on the GLO’s website at
Forms means Form for Amendment of Territory, Form for Amendment of Subscribed Channels, Intimation Form for Change of Control, Form for Change in Addressable Systems, Form for Shutting Down of Platform.

Examples of Forms in a sentence

  • Completed Resume Self-Certification Forms shall be submitted within the Contractor’s response to Customer’s requests for quote.

  • If these GTC are terminated for convenience prior to the completion of one or more Order Forms, such termination will not affect the continuation of any such Order Form as governed by these GTC.

  • Licensee shall pay to SAP the software license fees and the support fees as specified in the Software Order Forms.

  • The Tenderer shall provide all the information requested in the forms included in Section IV, Tendering Forms.

  • The E-bidder’s need to key in their company details for online registration and upload a certified true copy of The Company’s Memorandum And Articles Of Association (M&A), Forms 44, 24 and 49, Board Of Director Resolution (or its equivalent forms under the Companies Act 2016) and authorize bidding letter than upload to ESZAM AUCTIONEER SDN BHD website.

More Definitions of Forms

Forms shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.4.
Forms means official forms approved by the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia;
Forms. The Georgia Association of REALTORS®, Inc. (“GAR”) issues certain standard real estate forms. These GAR forms are frequently provided to the parties in real estate transactions. No party is required to use any GAR form. Since these forms are generic and written with the interests of multiple parties in mind, they may need to be modified to meet the specific needs of the parties using them. If any party has any questions about his or her rights and obligations under any GAR form he or she should consult an attorney. The parties hereto agree that the GAR forms may only be used in accordance with the licensing agreement of GAR. While GAR forms may be modified by the parties, no GAR form may be reproduced with sections removed, altered or modified unless the changes are visible on the form itself or in a stipulation, addendum, exhibit or amendment thereto.
Forms means the forms stipulated in Part-E of the Bidding Document, which are to be submitted by a prospective Bidder as part of its Bid;
Forms has the meaning set forth in Section 5.11(b).
Forms as defined in Section 2.19(j).
Forms means forms appended to these rules;