FBC definition

FBC means FortisBC Inc.;
FBC means full-body contact.”
FBC means full body full-body contact.

Examples of FBC in a sentence

  • Florida Building Code (FBC), and associated codes and standards referenced therein.

  • You must start your limestone injection in FBC boilers, dry scrubber, fabric filter, and SCR systems as expeditiously as possible.

  • For mechanically attached insulation or membrane or strip-bonded insulation, the maximum design pressure for the selected assembly shall meet or exceed the Zone 1 design pressure determined in accordance with FBC Chapter 16.

  • Metal edge attachment (except gutters), shall be designed and installed for wind loads in accordance with FBC Chapter 16 and tested for resistance in accordance with ANSI/SPRI ES-1 or RAS 111, except the basic wind speed shall be determined from FBC Figure 1609.

  • For recover installations, the existing roof shall be examined in accordance with FBC 1510.

More Definitions of FBC

FBC means the Florida Banking Code, including the Florida Interstate Banking Act.
FBC means Filene's Basement Corp., a Massachusetts corporation, which owns one hundred percent of the voting common stock of the Company.
FBC or “Full Business Case” : the full business case to be prepared by the County Council in consultation with the Project Board in relation to the Excellent Homes for All Project;
FBC means FBC, a part of UKFB & Co Ltd, a limited company registered in England under
FBC means the Florida Building Code.