Existing Term Loans definition

Existing Term Loans has the meaning specified in Section 2.16(a).
Existing Term Loans as defined in Subsection 2.10(a).
Existing Term Loans means the outstanding “Term Loans” under and as defined in the Existing Credit Agreement.

Examples of Existing Term Loans in a sentence

  • The Administrative Agent (or its counsel) shall have received a duly executed (i) Notice of Borrowing with respect to the 2024 Refinancing Term Loans to be funded on the Amendment Effective Date and (ii) a notice of prepayment meeting the requirements of Section 5.1 to the Existing Credit Agreement (the “Prepayment Notice”) with respect to the Existing Term Loans.

  • All Existing Term Loans should be set forth on a sub-account by sub-account basis, if applicable.

More Definitions of Existing Term Loans

Existing Term Loans as defined in the recitals hereto.
Existing Term Loans shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.10(a) hereto.
Existing Term Loans has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.21(a).
Existing Term Loans. Term Loans” outstanding under the Existing Credit Agreement immediately prior to the Restatement Closing Date.
Existing Term Loans means as defined in Section 2.1(c).
Existing Term Loans is defined in the second recital hereto.
Existing Term Loans means the term loans in an aggregate principal amount of $730,000,000 outstanding under the Existing Amended and Restated Credit Agreement.