Equity definition

Equity means the sum expressed in Indian Rupees representing the paid up equity share capital of the Developer for meeting the equity component of the Total Project Cost, and for the purposes of this Agreement shall include convertible instruments or other similar forms of capital, which shall compulsorily convert into equity share capital of the Developer, and any interest-free funds advanced by any shareholder of the Developer for meeting such equity component;
Equity means shares of capital stock or a partnership, profits, capital, member or other equity interest, or options, warrants or any other rights to substitute for or otherwise acquire the capital stock or a partnership, profits, capital, member or other equity interest of any Person.
Equity means the Balance plus or minus any Floating Profit or Loss that derives from an Open Position and shall be calculated as: Equity = Balance + Floating Profit - Floating Loss.

Examples of Equity in a sentence

Equity securities, for which there were no sales reported that day, are generally valued at the last quoted daily bid quotation on their primary market or exchange as provided by a third-party pricing service.

Respondents must comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 applicable to it including (but not limited to) Section 53 of the Employment Equity Act.

The Group accounts for its employee share-based payment obligations as follows:• Equity settled share-based payments: compensation expense for services received, and the corresponding increase in equity, are recognised as they are rendered by the employee during the vesting period by reference to the grant date fair value of the equity instruments granted to the employee.

Equity investments Investments in companies over which the Group does not have significant influence, control or joint control are classified as available for sale financial assets and measured at their fair values.

For financial ratios and trends in the market price of the Equity Shares, please refer to paragraph 15 and 16 of this Letter of Offer.

More Definitions of Equity

Equity means non-debt funds contributed towards the capital costs related to a change in owner or change in operator of a hospital which funds are free and clear of any repayment or liens against the assets of the proposed owner and/or licensee and that result in a like reduction in the portion of the capital cost that is required to be financed or mortgaged.
Equity means: Balance + Floating Profit - Floating Loss.
Equity means the county assessor full cash or market value of a resource minus valid liens, encumbrances, or both.
Equity means, at any particular time, the amount which would, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, be classified on the consolidated balance sheet of the Borrower at such time as shareholders’ equity of the Borrower.
Equity in any Person means any share of capital stock issued by such Person, any general or limited partnership interest, profits interest, capital interest, membership interest, or other equity interest in such Person, any option, warrant or any other right to acquire any share of capital stock or any partnership, profits, capital, membership or other equity interest in such Person, and any other voting security issued by such Person.
Equity means Net Worth as defined in Companies Act, 2013;
Equity means any and all shares of Capital Stock of the Company, securities of the Company convertible into, or exchangeable for, such shares, and options, warrants or other rights to acquire such shares.