DPS definition

DPS means the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas, a state agency in the executive branch created under Tex. Gov’t Code Ch. 411.
DPS means the New York State Department of Public Service.

Examples of DPS in a sentence

  • Registry Operator shall publish its DPS following the format described in RFC 6841.

  • Registry shall also publish in its website the DNSSEC Practice Statements (DPS) describing critical security controls and procedures for key material storage, access and usage for its own keys and secure acceptance of registrants’ public-­‐key material.

  • DPS should work with principals to determine how lunch and snack times can be arranged in a socially distanced manner or outside, in tents.

  • Thank you for considering my comments, and for your work on behalf of DPS.

  • Since vaccination is the best way to protect our teachers, staff and communities, and get back to normal, taking measures to accelerate and encourage vaccination are essential: a) DPS should lobby state and county officials to ensure vaccination priority for teachers is respected and make every effort to make it easier for this to happen, including offering schools as vaccination sites.

More Definitions of DPS

DPS means the dynamic purchasing system operated via the Application, which applies the procurement methodology provided for by Regulation 34 of the Public Contract Regulations;
DPS or the “Department” means the Vermont Department of Public Service.