Discrete definition

Discrete means separate, distinct and disconnected.
Discrete means separate, distinct, and disconnected.

Examples of Discrete in a sentence

  • A Reliability Demand Response Resource that is subject to either the Marginal Real-Time Dispatch Option or the Discrete Real-Time Dispatch Option shall have a Default Minimum Load Bids of zero (0) dollars.

  • The selection for each Reliability Demand Response Resource shall remain in effect until such time as the Scheduling Coordinator for the Reliability Demand Response Resource chooses to change its selection from the Marginal Real-TimeDispatch Option to the Discrete Real-Time Dispatch Option or vice versa, in which case the change in selection shall go into effect at the start of the next Reliability Demand Response Services Term applicable to the Reliability Demand Response Resource.

  • Zaki, Emission of Discrete Vortex Rings by a Vi- brating Grid In Superfluid 3He-B: A Precursor to Quan- tum Turbulence, Phys.

  • Discrete tasks include training events, workshops, and seminars, learning events, outreach events, and information dissemination activities such as publications and reports.

  • Discrete metal nanoparticles can be used as efficient scatterers to couple incident sunlight into trapped modes in thin solar cells.

More Definitions of Discrete

Discrete means composed of individual separate parts (a discrete waveform); “discreet” means modest, or unobtrusive. A “discreet waveform” is then one that doesn’t draw attention to itself: a rather charming, if useless, concept.
Discrete means that such product is the primary functionality contained on a discrete SiIicon chip.
Discrete means that members are marked out in ways that make it relatively easy for others to identify them. If you a member of discrete group, it is harder to “exit” (i.e. try to avoid a bad situation) so you are MORE likely to complain, i.e. political organize.
Discrete support elements means: support elements that are "individually distinct, and which are separated from each other, though they may be connected at the top, the bottom, or both."
Discrete means separate or distinct.
Discrete means separate.
Discrete means separate or unconnected. “Discreet” means tactful or careful to avoid upsetting or embarrassing others.