Direct seller definition

Direct seller means a person selling consumer products to individuals for personal or household use and not from a fixed retail location, including selling such product at in-home product demonstrations, parties, and other one-on-one selling.
Direct seller means any individual who, for him/herself, or for a partnership, association or corporation, sells goods, or takes sales orders for the later delivery of goods, at any location other than the permanent business place or residence of said individual, partnership, association or corporation, and shall include, but not be limited to, peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants. The sale of goods includes donations required by the direct seller for the retention of goods by a donor or prospective customer.

Examples of Direct seller in a sentence

The Company upon scrutiny and verification of the Application may register / appoint the Applicant as "Direct Seller" for selling the products / services of the Company.

CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS Direct Seller shall notify the Company of any Customer's complaints regarding either the Products or the Services immediately and forward to Company the information regarding those complaints.

The company will not entertain any reimbursement on any expense made by the Direct Seller other than sales incentive earned by the Direct Seller as per the Marketing Plan / Compensation Plan.

The Company shall pay the Direct Seller sales incentive/commission/compensation as prescribed in the Marketing Plan / Compensation Plan / Sales Incentive Plan which shall be available at the website of the company.

Any Direct Seller not performing to the full satisfaction of the company in terms of securing new orders, in compliance of company's policies and terms and conditions of this agreement is liable to be terminated.

More Definitions of Direct seller

Direct seller means a person, other than a distributor, who sells gas to a consumer or to another person who purchases the gas as an agent of the consumer for the purposes of this section;
Direct seller means a producer who produces milk and treats that milk or processes it into milk products on his holding and subsequently sells or transfers free of charge that milk or those milk products without their having been further treated or processed by a different undertaking which treats or processes milk or milk products;
Direct seller means a prepaid Mobile Telephony Service (MTS) provider or service supplier, as defined in section 41007, that makes a sale of prepaid mobile telephony services directly to a prepaid consumer for any purpose other than resale in the regular course of business. A direct seller includes, but is not limited to, a telephone corporation, a person that provides an interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, and a retailer as described in section 42004(b)(1).
Direct seller means the person who, on behalf of a vendor, makes any offer, solicitation, proposal or approach which is intended to result in a sale to which Part VII applies; (« démarcheur »)
Direct seller means a person who: