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  • Principal/ Supplier may be allowed to draw 80% payment through Letter of Credit on dispatch of stores and 20% on issuance of Certificate Receipt Voucher (CRV) by consignee.

  • Annex E-II: COST SHARING OF OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT (O&M) OF CRV AND OOG ADMINISTRATION The cost of O&M of CRV and OOG Administration shall be shared among the Parties.

  • Objective - To offer a safe, secure and cost effective telecommunications transport service CRV will facilitate voice and data communications between member States, by allowing all participants on the network to establish communications with each other.

More Definitions of CRV

CRV means Charles River Partnership VII, a limited partnership.
CRV means Pechiney Centre de Recherches de Voreppe.
CRV. , as of the contract date, means the total payments ofCalifornia Refund Value” defined in Public Resources Code 14523.5, the California Beverage Container law that one receives for redeeming each beverage container that it collected and recycled.
CRV means the creditor recovery vehicle to be established as a Cayman STAR trust on or prior to the Scheme Meeting.
CRV means California Redemption Value, which is a regulatory fee Collected by the State from Container manufacturers and refunded to consumers at Buy-Back centers upon redemption of food and/or beverage Containers sold within the State, and marked with a CRV symbol as having a refund value established by Section 14560 of the California PRC.