Contract Commencement Date definition

Contract Commencement Date. Means the date stipulated in the Award Letter.
Contract Commencement Date means the date upon which the successful Potential Provider begins to deliver the Services to the Authority;
Contract Commencement Date means the date that is the later of:

Examples of Contract Commencement Date in a sentence

We will usually ask you to pay the rental in advance and your first invoice will include both one month’s rental in advance and a charge for a part month’s rental from the Contract Commencement Date up to the beginning of the first complete month, where appropriate, and then monthly in advance thereafter.

The Contract commences on the Contract Commencement Date and continues in force for the duration stated in Schedule 1 unless terminated earlier in accordance with Clause 26.

Before 13:30 hours on each Gas Day, except the Contract Commencement Date, the Operator must provide to the Shipper notice (Accumulated Imbalance Notice) of its Accumulated Imbalance and Daily Imbalance at the end of the preceding Gas Day, and the amounts so notified must, subject to the Operator receiving the information necessary to make an allocation of Gas Deliveries or Receipts or both to shippers as contemplated in clause 6.4(c) be materially accurate.

In the event that the Minimum Term is not on the Service Agreement or Order Schedules then the Minimum Term will be 12 months from your Contract Commencement Date.

The Parties confirm that the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 as amended do not apply on the Contract Commencement Date or the expiry or termination of this Contract.

More Definitions of Contract Commencement Date

Contract Commencement Date means the date of commencement of this Contract set out in the Contract Order Form;
Contract Commencement Date means, with respect to any contract, the first date on which any costs (other than costs such as bidding expenses or ex- penses incurred in connection with negotiating the contract) allocable to such contract are incurred.
Contract Commencement Date means [Insert date for commencement of supply of the Services, for example, 7 days after the date of the Letter of Acceptance.]
Contract Commencement Date means the date You first register for Your Programme via Our online portal.
Contract Commencement Date means 2009
Contract Commencement Date means the Contract Commencement Date specified in the Specifications.
Contract Commencement Date the date for commencement of the Contract specified in Schedule 1;