Class Notice definition

Class Notice means the notice to the Class that is approved by the Court, in accordance with Section II(E)(4) below.
Class Notice means the program of notice described in Section 6 of this Agreement to be provided to potential Settlement Class Members, including the Mail Notice, Email Notice, and Website Notice on the Settlement Website, which will notify potential Settlement Class Members about, among other things, their rights to opt out or object to the Settlement, the preliminary approval of the Settlement, the manner by which to submit a Claim, and the scheduling of the Final Approval Hearing.
Class Notice means the notice program described in Section III.

Examples of Class Notice in a sentence

  • Each request must also contain a signed statement to the following effect: “I request to be excluded from the Settlement Class in the RMCHCS lawsuit.” The request must be mailed to the Claims Administrator at the address provided in the Class Notice no later than 60 days after the Notice Deadline, or any other date set by the Court.

  • A request for exclusion that does not include all of the foregoing information, or that is sent to an address other than the one designated in the Class Notice, or that is not mailed by the deadline will be invalid, and the person submitting the request will remain a Settlement Class Member.

  • Any Settlement Class member that does not timely file and serve an objection in writing in accordance with the procedure set forth in the Class Notice and mandated in this Order shall be deemed to have waived any objection to (a) the Settlement; (b) the Release; (c) entry of Final Approval Order or any judgment; (d) Class Counsel’s application for fees, costs, and expenses; and/or (e) the service awards request for the named Plaintiffs, whether by appeal, collateral attack, or otherwise.

  • The Court finds that the Class Notice and Class Notice Plan satisfied and continue to satisfy the applicable requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 23(c)(2)(b) and 23(e), and fully comply with all laws, including the Class Action Fairness Act (28 U.S.C. § 1711 et seq.), and the Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution (U.S. Const., amend.

More Definitions of Class Notice

Class Notice means the form of notice of the proposed Settlement to be distributed to the Settlement Class as provided in this Agreement and the Preliminary Approval Order.
Class Notice shall have the meaning provided in § 2.2.1.
Class Notice means the program of notice described in Section III(B) of this Agreement to be provided to Settlement Class Members, which will notify Settlement Class Members about the details of the Settlement.
Class Notice means the “Notice of Class Action Settlement
Class Notice means a notice substantially in the same form as Exhibit 1.
Class Notice means any type of notice that has been or will be provided to the Settlement Class and any additional notice that might be ordered by the Court.