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  • All applications will be reviewed, scored and ranked by DCA using the CDBG-DR Application Review Form found in Appendix III.Distribution of Allocation Based on HUD’s unmet needs information and forums held with the communities in Passaic County, DCA will allocate CDBG-DR (Irene) funds to the activities as listed in the table below.

  • With many years of experience in HUD-DPD programs and the systems in place to track performance and monitor compliance, the DCA DHCR staff can guarantee the CDBG-DR program will be fully compliant.

  • Regulatory Requirements Grantees must comply with fair housing, non-discrimination, labor standards and environmental requirements applicable to the CDBG program (except as provided-for in CDBG-DR notices and waivers; refer to the CDBG program webpage: Eligible Activities Activities assisted under the CDBG-DR Program are limited to the following:1.

  • The assistance will be in the form of workshops and training assistance specific to the CDBG-DR grant requirements.

  • Project Performance Measures The CDBG-DR program estimates that all funds should be disbursed within the standard CDBG performance period of five years.

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CDBG-DR means Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery.