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Catapult means a device designed for use with, or a component part of which is, a brace that fits or rests on the forearm or another part of the body of the user and supports the wrist against the tension of elastic material used to project a projectile;

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For comparison, the British counterparts showcase the attractions of the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult – an independent non-profit organization, set up in 2012 – listing its advantages for transport, industry and R&D.

However local areas can play an important role in:• Understanding the options and choices• Co-ordinating low carbon transition• Minimising the cost• Realising socio-economic benefits for local areas The Energy Systems Catapult look to assist local authorities with their local area energy planning - a process of evidence-based planning and dialogue between local government, network operators, and stakeholders.

Three pilot areas have taken place with the Energy Systems Catapult – Newcastle, Bridgend, and Bury.

Richard Leach - The role of local areas in our future energy systemAn introduction to Energy Systems Catapult was provided explaining that networks of world leading technology and innovation centres can help bridge the gap between business, academia, research and government to help transform the energy sector.

The Cell Therapy Catapult, based at Guy’s Hospital London, was set up specifically to help translate the best cell therapy and regenerative medicine research into impactful new medicines and methodologies.Research excellenceAs Europe’s leader in cell and gene therapy research and development, the golden triangle already draws scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals from across the globe.

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