Cable definition

Cable means a length of insulated single conductor (solid or standard) or of two or more such conductors each provided with its own insulation, which are laid up together. Such insulated conductor or conductors may or may not be provided with an overall mechanical protective covering;
Cable fibre optic, coaxial, copper cables and wires.
Cable means the fiber optic or coaxial cable, or any other type of cable, as well as any messenger wire or support strand.

Examples of Cable in a sentence

  • All that’s required is a Windows PC or Tablet with a USB Port, a USB Cable and the VTG3 Insight Software.

  • Katherine Cable has reported that the wifi installation across colleges is almost complete now.

  • A live audio feed is being broadcast and recorded by CastaNet and a delayed broadcast is shown on Shaw Cable.

  • For this purpose, similar project/contract shall refer to Industrial All Risk Insurance with Sabotage and Terrorism and Submarine Cable.

  • Cable TV employees are notorious for their lack of effort, and so forth.

More Definitions of Cable

Cable means a collection of Fibers contained in color-coded buffer tubes with a protective outer covering, which covering includes stiffening rods and filler.
Cable means a stranded conductor (single-conductor cable) or a combination of conductors
Cable has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Cable means a wire rope or a bound or sheathed assembly of conductors, wires or fibers, including, without limitation, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, and twisted pair copper cable. Each cable that is lashed to another cable or to a common messenger cable shall be considered an overlash attachment.
Cable shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Cable means an insulated conductor or a combination of insulated conductors.