Break Date definition

Break Date means [Insert date or dates]1 [or any date falling after that date] [or the day before any Rent Day after that date] [or any [fifth] anniversary of that date] [as specified in the Tenant's formal notice given under Clause 7.1];]2
Break Date means 1 June 2017
Break Date has the meaning given in clause 11.1. Commencement Date: the commencement date of this Agreement as set out in clause 2.1.

Examples of Break Date in a sentence

  • The Landlord may waive any of the pre-conditions in [Clauses 7.1.1 to 7.1.3] at any time before the [relevant] Break Date by notifying the Tenant.

  • However, the wording, in Scotland, may also be considered to include legal (vacant) possession where if the Tenant has not completely removed everything from the Premises by the Break Date (eg left behind some internal partitioning or furniture), it may lose its right to terminate the lease on the Break Date (Riverside Park Ltd v NHS Property Services Limited [2016] EWHC 1313 (Ch)).

  • Termination Costs........................................................................................

  • The Tenant may, therefore, want to consider deleting this wording so that there can be no doubt that the right to break is preserved, leaving the Landlord with the usual remedies against the Tenant in the event that the Tenant has not given full legal and physical possession to the Landlord on the Break Date.

  • Termination of this lease on the Break Date shall not affect any other right or remedy that either party may have in relation to any earlier breach of this lease.

More Definitions of Break Date

Break Date means 12 June 2016;” and the definition ofReview Dates” shall be deemed to read as follows: “Review Dates means 12 June 2009, 12 June 2011, 12 June 2015 and 12 June 2017;”
Break Date means, with respect to any Break Event, the date on which such Break Event occurs.
Break Date. [DATE OR DATES]6 [or any date falling after that date] [or the day before any Rent Day after that date] [or any [fifth] anniversary of that date] [as specified in the Tenant’s notice given under clause 8.1];7] “Business Day” any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or a bank or public holiday in England and Wales; “Common Facilities” all Conducting Media, structures, walls, fences, roads, paths, works, services or facilities used in common by the Premises and any adjoining premises or by the owners and occupiers of them including any “party structures”, “party walls” and “party fence walls” within the meaning of the Party Wall etc Xxx 0000;
Break Date means any date that an optional redemption or prepayment is made. "Break Event" means any optional redemption or prepayment of the Note.
Break Date shall be deemed to read as follows: “Break Date means 12 June 2013 and 12 June 2016;”
Break Date means the date on which the Tenant may determine the Lease in accordance with Clause 6.1 of the Lease;
Break Date means each of the dates stated in Item 3A of the Reference Schedule;