Borrower Parties definition

Borrower Parties means the collective reference to the Borrower and its Restricted Subsidiaries, and “Borrower Party” means any one of them.
Borrower Parties means, collectively, the Borrowers and the Guarantors; and “Borrower Party” shall mean any one of the foregoing Borrower Parties.
Borrower Parties means the collective reference to Holdings, the Borrower and each Subsidiary of the Borrower and “Borrower Party” means any of them.

Examples of Borrower Parties in a sentence

  • The Borrower Parties hereby represent and covenant that until such time as the requirements in clauses (i) and (ii) of this subsection (c) have been completed, Technology Logistics, Inc.

  • The Borrower Parties and their Subsidiaries are the sole holders of the lessee’s interests under such leases, and have the right to pledge, mortgage, assign and sublet the same except as set forth in Schedule 5.1(x)-1.

  • Any other member of the Lender Group may, at its expense, accompany the Co-Collateral Agent(s) on any regularly scheduled visit (or at any time that an Event of Default exists any visit regardless of whether it is regularly scheduled) to the Borrower Parties and their Subsidiaries’ properties.

  • Promptly upon the filing thereof, copies of all 10-K, 10-Q, and all other material financial reports filed by the Borrower Parties with the SEC.

  • This Section 10.10 is for the benefit of each Indemnified Person and shall not in any way limit the obligations of the Borrower Parties under Section 6.18.

More Definitions of Borrower Parties

Borrower Parties and "Lender Parties" shall mean and include Borrower and Lender, respectively, and each of their respective predecessors, successors, and assigns, and each past and present, direct and indirect, parent, subsidiary and affiliated entity of each of the foregoing, and each past and present employee, agent, attorney-in-fact, attorney-at-law, representative, officer, director, shareholder, partner, and joint venturer of each of the foregoing, and each heir, executor, administrator, successor and assign of each of the foregoing; references in this paragraph to "any" of such parties shall be deemed to mean "any one or more" of such parties: and references in this sentence to "each of the foregoing" shall mean and refer cumulatively to each party referred to in this sentence up to the point of such reference. Borrower hereby acknowledges, represents and agrees: that Borrower has no defenses, setoffs, claims, counterclaims, recoupments or causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever with respect to the Loan, the Note and the other Loan Documents or the indebtedness evidence and secured thereby, or with respect to any other documents or instruments now or heretofore evidencing, securing or in any way relating to the Loan, or with respect to any other administration or funding of the Loan, or with respect to any other transaction, matter of occurrence between any of the Borrower Parties and any Lender Parties or with respect to any acts or omissions of any Lender Parties, with respect to each of the same, limited only to the extent that such acts, claims or actions exist on or prior to the date hereof (all of said defenses, setoffs, claims, counterclaims, recoupments or causes of action being hereinafter referred to as "Loan Related Claims"); that, to the extent that Borrower may be deemed to have any Loan Related Claims, Borrower does hereby expressly waive, release and relinquish any and such Loan Related Claims, whether or not known to or suspected by Borrower; that Borrower shall not institute or cause to be instituted any legal action or proceeding of any kind based upon any Loan Related Claims and any and all losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by any Lender Parties as a result of any assertion by any Borrower Parties of any Loan Related Claims or as a result of any legal action related thereto.
Borrower Parties means, collectively, Borrower and any guarantors of the Loan (including, in each case, any predecessors-in-interest).
Borrower Parties means Borrower and each Qualified Borrower, and “Borrower Party” means any one of them.
Borrower Parties means any or all of Borrowers and Pledgor, as applicable.
Borrower Parties means, jointly and severally, each of the Borrower and the Guarantors.
Borrower Parties means Borrowers and any other Person that hereafter becomes a party to this Agreement and/or any other Loan Document, and which Person is responsible in whole or in part for any of the Obligations.